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4 Step Plan to assist with Gut Healing

Updated: May 24, 2022

The 4R protocol is a common four-step intervention designed to support gastrointestinal (gut) healing. Gut health can be negatively impacted by several mechanisms, such as gut microbiota imbalance (i.e., dysbiosis) and inflammation, leading to increased intestinal permeability. Increased intestinal permeability, commonly referred to as leaky gut syndrome, occurs when the tight junctions between cells of the intestinal lining are altered, enabling potentially harmful substances to pass through the intestinal wall. 4R gut healing protocol The four steps outlined below help to minimize factors associated with inflammation and increased intestinal permeability while introducing foods and supplemental nutrients that support gut healing. 1. Remove pathogens and inflammatory triggers that are associated with increased intestinal permeability. 2. Replace these factors with nutrients in the diet that help to reduce inflammation and optimize digestive health. 3. Reinoculate (reintroduce) the intestinal microbiota with beneficial bacteria.

4. Repair the intestinal lining with specific nutrients and medicinal herbs known to decrease intestinal permeability and inflammation.

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