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The Key to a Successful New Year’s Resolution Is Found!!

At a time when we are all focused on New Year’s resolution, the popular press is supporting the fact that life-style is the key ingredient in health, productivity, and happiness in years to come. Big businesses are starting wellness programs in order to lower health care premiums they pay to insure their employees. They are also finding, in some cases, that these programs help to decrease absenteeism, and increase productivity. Many people looking for jobs are looking for employers who offer this added benefit. Believe it or not, current research is uncovering that wellness programs are most effective when the participants practice good nutrition, exercise regularly, have a healthy self-image, and a properly functioning nerve system.

According to Gray’s Anatomy, “Every function of the human body is under the direct control of the nerve system.” Therefore, to be at your optimum potential requires a properly functioning nerve system. It’s as simple as that. Chiropractors are the only health care professional trained to locate and remove interference to the nerve system. If you’re striving for better health and fitness in 2022, choose a model that works. A model that includes wellness-directed chiropractic care is key to long-term success.

Dr. Mecka is offering FREE New Year’s Resolution health checkup for the first 25 community members who respond. To take advantage of this $150 offer, call 225-522-1380 RIGHT NOW!

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